From my studio to your home

The pull of the river and its play of light and reflections is something I want to capture and keep in my artwork.  It’s as if time stands still in the moving water and I can feel presence the past and the present. I grew up on the waters of the St. Lawrence River and today live and paint beside the Rideau River. It’s where I keep my eyes open to the world around me and my mind open to inspiration. The rural landscape, weathered barns and farms, old growth trees, the sky and the river never let me down. 
Through the years my enthusiasm to create has picked up stream and I’m in the studio daily happy in my work. Using acrylics, ink, collage, printing, epoxy resin, and fuelled by music my experimenting and exploration keeps me charged up and ready for the challenge of the next piece.
A new series of little bird paintings have been a joy to create. The happy colours and uplifting theme are designed to bring a bright spot to your home.
I’m a proud member of MAG, The Merrickville Artist Guild www-mag-artists.ca